We first try to find homes for the animals in our care in Aruba.  However, many of our adoptions are to forever homes in the US.  Animals cannot fly on a commercial airline alone, they need to be accompanied by a human.  The responsibility of a transporter is simply to be that person accompanying the animal to their forever home.  If you have ever flown with your own pets, it is a very similar process.  There is NO financial obligation to you as a transporter.

As a transporter we ask that you:

  • Arrive at the airport at the predetermined time to allow ample time for the check-in, immigration and customs process at the Aruba airport.
  • Comply with all airline regulations as they are presented to you.

Once you volunteer as a Nine Lives Aruba Transporter we will:

  • Pay for all expenses relating to the transport of the animal.
  • Be at the airport with the animal at the predetermined time.
  • Ensure the animal has all necessary vaccinations, health certificates and is clean and ready for travel.
  • Provide an airline approved carrier and all other accessories necessary for travel.
  • Assist you through the check-in process as needed.

Some helpful information:

  • Puppies, kittens and cats under 20 pounds (including the weight of the carrier) travel in cabin with you as a carry on.
  • American Airlines is the only airline that will transport adult dogs off of Aruba at this time.
  • Southwest does NOT allow transport of pets of any kind from Aruba (United, Delta, American Airlines and Suriname are the only airlines allowing pets from Aruba).
  • For adult dog transport the airline requires that the temperature be below 85 degrees. This will be verified by the airline during the check in process.

If you can be a transporter please contact us using the at the bottom of the page and provide us with the following information:

  • your travel dates and times
  • your final destination airport including any layover information
  • the airline that you are flying



If you or someone you know is coming to Aruba and you would like to help us,  we are always in need of supplies to help the cats and dogs in our care.  Some we don’t have access to in Aruba, others are just very cost prohibitive to purchase here. Below is a list of items we use often.  Or, you can order items from our Amazon Wishlist to bring with you   


  • Cat and dog collars (small, medium and large size)
  • puppy pads
  • cat food
  • dog food
  • cat litter
  • flea and tick meds
  • deworming medicine
  • ear mite treatment
  • ear cleaning wipes
  • unscented baby wipes
  • nutrical for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies
  • kitten milk
  • puppy milk
  • canine red cell

If you are in Aruba and would like to donate supplies, we can be reached via email at ninelivesaruba@gmail.com or via telephone/WhatsApp 297-561-9187.


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