Adoption Information


Adoption is possible for residents of Aruba, Holland and the United States.  

Our adoption fees cover all the necessary veterinary care up until the point the cat/dog is ready to travel and includes the traveling costs (flight fee, carrier/crate, health certificate).

Cat: $200 (USD)

Dog: $250 (USD)

For Adoptions in Aruba

Cat: Afl 75

Dog: Afl 150


The adoption fees help to cover the healthcare of the cats and dogs in our care.  The following is some of the items that we cover while they are under our care:

  • Kittens: deworming, flea/tick treatment and prevention and first round of vaccinations and microchip.
  • Adult cats: deworming, flea/tick treatment and prevention, FeLV and FIV test, rabies vaccine, first round of vaccination(s), spay/neuter (if old enough) and microchip.
  • Puppies: bloodtest, flea/tick treatment and prevention, deworming, first round of vaccinations, rabies (if old enough) and microchip.
  • Adult dogs: bloodtest, flea/tick treatment and prevention, heartworm test, deworming, rabies vaccine, first round of vaccination, spay/neuter (if old enough) and microchip.

Our cats and dogs will be spayed/neutered when they are first able (depending on their overall condition) while under our care.  We will make every effort that a cat or dog is spayed/neutered before it is adopted.

Ready To Adopt?

We want to make sure each of our rescues go to a loving home and finds a family that fits their specific temperament well. Because of this, please fill out our application form below (or on the Our Adoptables page). It asks a number of important questions for our screening process.

If you do not own your home, we ask that you show proof that pets are allowed (copy of rental agreement or letter from your landlord). We will also contact your veterinarian for a reference.  If you are in Aruba you MUST have a fenced yard to adopt a puppy or dog (no exceptions). 

Once completed, please email your application to

After receiving your application we will begin processing it as quickly as possible.

Please note, in case we receive multiple applications for the same animal we will first choose the best match and then which application was received first.  We do our best to respond to each application and email in a timely manner.  However, please know that we are a 100% volunteer organization. Please be sure to monitor your email account and phone closely to ensure we are able to contact you.  Finding the perfect match for our rescues is our priority.

Adoption Application

Your application was approved. What Happens Next?

Your application was approved.  What Happens Next?

  • We will set up a phone call to make the process a little more personal. After that we request the vet reference check, the adoption agreement and the first payment of the adoption fee to finalize the adoption (usually half of the amount up front).
  • We next begin to look for a transporter for your new family member.  We rely on visitors to Aruba to volunteer to get your new cat/dog home to you.  How quickly this happens varies on the destination, animal and time of the year. It also depends on where and how far the adoptive family is willing to drive.
  • As soon as we find a transporter we will send you the flight and necessary personal information of the person transporting your pet. We will also request the rest of the adoption fee.
  • Depending on the weight of your pet, he/she will travel in the cabin (maximum weight is 20 lbs) or as cargo. Traveling can be stressful for our rescues and we do everything we can to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.
  • The adoptive family will be ready and waiting at the airport of arrival to pick up their new family member. For advice on getting your new family member accustomed to his/her new home, take a look at our Education Section.