Aruba Rescue Cats and Dogs



There are many cats in Aruba... some say they look like cats from anywhere in the world... however we disagree.  Like Cunucus, they seem to have much larger ears and show more love and affection than your average cat.  However, do not take our word for it, adopt a cat from Aruba (aka Cunucat) today and you can see first hand how much love they will provide.


Dogs (aka Cunucus)


According to research conducted by a Dutch geneticist, the Arubian Cunucu is a descendant of the Iberian Hound, which was brought to Aruba in the 16th century by Portuguese slave traders. Iberian Hounds became quite popular with the Arawak Indians and were often crossed with various feral dogs on the island. The results of these crosses were named Arubian Cunucus and were used primarily to hunt small game. It is thought that they received their name due to their excellent ability to chase iguanas through the rocky terrain of Aruba's desert interior, which is known by locals as the Cunucu. The Arubian Cunucu is a medium-sized dog that originated in Aruba. Also known as simply the Cunucu Dog, the Arubian Cunucu is a friendly breed that makes a great companion or pet for families with children. Their protective and loyal nature also makes these dogs terrific guard dogs.

Arubian Cunucus are medium-sized dogs that can weigh anywhere from 35 to 50 pounds fully grown. They have short hair, which can be almost any color; however, the most common colors include tan, brown or black with white markings. Their tails are long, curled and held high. They have semi-prick ears, long legs and a muscular body. Personality: This is an extremely athletic and enthusiastic dog that is happiest when it is hunting or participating in some type of sport. It is also a highly intelligent breed that learns quickly. Since the CunucuDog can become bored rather easily, if you choose to add one of them to your family, you will want to be sure to provide it with plenty of toys and room to run. The Arubian Cunucu is an extremely athletic dog that excels at many different sports including hunting, agility, flyball and obedience. This is a breed that can adapt easily to most any climate as well. As such, if you are looking for an all-around great companion or family dog, you may want to consider a Cunucu Dog.